Glass Minipiscina MySpa 216X165 Naturalwood

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MYSPA 216/165 2160X1650 3 seats with naturalwood panel

EQUIPMENT: 22 whirlpool jets, chromotherapy, heater (3kW), pumps 1 speed (3 hP), recirculation pump, cartridge filters (15m²), ozone system, headrest.


MYSPA 195 E 1860X1860 4 seats with naturalwood panel SIZES:cm 186x186, h90 EQUIPMENT: 20 whirlpool jets, waterfall, chromotherapy, heater (2kW), pump 2 speeds (2 hP), cartridge filters (5m²), 2 headrests. INSTALLATIONS: floor-standing, built-in

MYSPA 216/165 2160X1650 4 seats EQUIPMENT: 37 whirlpool jets, cervical jets control, chromotherapy, heater (3kW), 2 pumps 1 speed (3 hP), 1 recirculation pump, cartridge filters (25m²), ozone system, 2 headrest. also available with naturalwood panels

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HAFRO MYLINE JUPITER MINI POOL Jupiter spa has ergonomically designed seats, 46 massage jets, anti-slip foot massaging bottom, access step, 2.1 sound system with Bluetooth connection and a bottle holder. The perfectly equipped lounge seat makes it everyone’s favorite place. 200 x 200 x 87 cm, 1 reclining place, 5 sitting places

HAFRO MYLINE MARS MINI POOL This compact spa for 3 will fit into the smallest of places yet features two full stretch-out lounge beds. Our exclusive mySeat™ ensures the perfect fit for everybody. 213 x 160 x 75 cm, 2 reclining places, 1 sitting place

HAFRO MYLINE MERCURY MINI POOL Stretch out in the comfortable reclining place of Mercury hot tub and have a massage from top to toe while your family or friends are enjoying the massage experience in the 5 other seats. Two hydromassage pumps, 82 points ensure the perfect massage for all 6 people 213 x 213 x 91 1 reclining place, 5 sitting places

HAFRO MYLINE PLUTO MINI POOL 200 x 200 x 89 cm, 2 reclining places, 3 sitting places The Pluto spa offers plenty room for up to 5 bathers, even fits on smaller places. It has two lounge beds, one with mySEAT™ solution. The Pluto also includes myJETS™ for reliefing pain in shoulders and neck.

HAFRO MYLINE SATURN MINI POOL 230 x 230 x 88 cm, 2 reclining place, 3 sitting places spa Saturn is our mid sized model but packs more than enough power for 6 bathers at once from its 49 jets and dual pump system. Just settle back into our exclusive mySEAT™ lounge and relax, or enjoy a invigorating massage from one of the intensive therapy seats.

HAFRO MYLINE SUN FAMILY MINI POOL 190 x 190 x 75 cm 2 reclining places, 3 sitting places Choose Sun Family spa if you have limited space. While this small size model provides the same hydrotherapeutic advantages as larger hot tubs. 36 massage jets ensure the comfort of users.

HAFRO MYLINE SUN MINI POOL 200 x 150 x 70 cm 2 reclining places, 1 sitting place On Easy4 topside control panel all settings and spa function icons available at a glance to set your spa in the blink of an eye, while the Plug&Play system allows easy power connection. 26 massage jets that give the pleasures of a spa, but it is small enough to fit into...

HAFRO MYLINE TITAN MINI POOL 201 x 153 x 77 cm, 1 reclining place, 2 sitting places Titan spa’s main feature is an outstanding comfort that the ergonomically seats and wide headrests can give. All three massage seats are well equipped, containing 31 water jets placed and designed carefully. This model’s lighting waterfall placed in the middle of the spa...

HAFRO MYLINE VENUS MINI POOL 215 x 215 x 86 cm, 1 reclining place, 5 sitting places The spa Venus have 49 jets and dual pump system. Just settle back into our exclusive mySEAT™ lounge and relax, or enjoy a invigorating massage from one of the intensive therapy seats.

HAFRO CITYLINE ACAPULCO DEEP-IN MINI POOL Diameter: 240 cm, 6 sitting places The deck-level water creates an exceptionally unique ambience, so you can easily feel the luxury of the wellness section of a 5-star spa hotel in your own home. The central lighting and exclusive colour therapy with 12 LED spot lights as standard.

HAFRO CITYLINE ELBRUS MINI POOL 218 x 218 x 90 cm, 7 sitting places The CityLine Elbrus spa combines a modern look with conventional values. It has seven seating places, each with different massage systems.

HAFRO CITYLINE MALAGA MINI POOL 218 x 218 x 90 cm, 1 reclining place, 5 sitting places The Malaga spa with its innovative solutions provides a relaxing massage after a busy day.

HAFRO CITYLINE MANHATTAN MINI POOL 210 x 153 x 85 cm, 2 reclining places Manhattan spa was developed for an overall massage experience. It has triple lighting fountain jets providing an exciting effect. It contains a Touch-screen control.

HAFRO CITYLINE MARBELLA MINI POOL 190 x 180 x 85 cm, 4 sitting places Marbella is a compact yet well-equipped spa, the best place to be with a company of good friends. It has four sitting places, all with different massage points, triple lighting fountain jets, and lighting waterfall too.

HAFRO CITYLINE PALERMO MINI POOL 218 x 218 x 87 cm, 2 reclining places, 3 sitting places Palermo is a perfect family spa. It combines ergonomics and energy-efficiency in one product. It has 2 reclining places, 1 captain seat, and two regular seats, lighting waterfall two fountain jets, aromatic therapy and a 2.1 hifi system as part of the standard equipment.

HAFRO PEAKLINE DISCOVERY MINI POOL 218 x 218 x 97 cm, 1 reclining places, 4 sitting places Discovery is ideal for a larger company for an effortless entertainment with its 4 sitting and one reclining places. Its exclusive design and improvements make it such an amazing spa that your guests will surely be impressed.

HAFRO PEAKLINE ELBRUS 230 MINI POOL 230 x 230 x 90 cm, 7 sitting places The Elbrus 230 spa’s dimensions can provide room for the ultimate WellDome™ foot massage system. This hot tub also features 78 chrome finished adjustable water jets, AquaSoul™ Pro 2.1 Pop-Up audio system, exclusive chromotherapy LED lighting and lighting waterfall.

HAFRO PEAKLINE EVEREST MINI POOL 236 x 236 x 95 cm, 2 reclining places, 3 sitting places The Everest spa makes relaxation simply unforgettable. One of the two reclining places is especially well-equipped: it includes two 2 horsepower massage pumps and the Pulsar™ system, the additional control panels and the WiFi SmartPhone application and Oxygen Therapy...

HAFRO PEAKLINE EXPLORER MINI POOL 213 x 160 x 97 cm Explorer is specifically designed for those who would like to connect relaxation with conversation. With this spa we wanted to meet these needs. In the opposing reclining places conversation becomes effortless.

HAFRO PEAKLINE KILIMANJARO MINI POOL 230 x 230 x 94 cm, 1 reclining place, 5 sitting places The Kilimanjaro spa has all the features required of a premium category hot tub: the AquaSoul™ Pro sound system, SmartPhone application with WiFi connection, 3 pcs 3 horsepower massage pumps, 3 pcs paper filters and aromatic therapy.

HAFRO PEAKLINE OLYMPUS MINI POOL 354 x 230 x 98 cm, 2 reclining places, 7 sitting places The Olympus spa provides numerous potential uses. Up to 9 people can comfortably immerse themselves in the warm water. Enjoy the beneficial effect of warm water with our Olympus which,owing to its 7 sitting and two reclining places and 88 jets, creates a spa...

ZUCCHETTI KOS GEO 180 FREESTANDING BATHTUB Geo 180, with its innovative lines – unparalleled in the design panorama – is universally recognized as an icon of total wellness.  Also available for outdoor installation, Geo 180 ensures quintessential well-being – for solitary solace, or playful sharing.         Dimensions: Ø180x70 Designed by Ludovica+Roberto...

JACUZZI ITALIAN DESIGN DELFI HOT TUBE Delfi is a 4-seater hot tub (including a lounge)provided with adjustable Power Pro® jets for a complete hydromassage of progressive intensity that offers you the possibility of following a real wellness path. Provided with Clear Ray™ technology (optional) for perfectly clean and hygienic water, 190 x 190 x h.80

JACUZZI ITALIAN DESIGN CITY SPA HOT TUBE Thanks to the two lounges and the hydromassage jets fitted at 30° angles, it offers the possibility of sharing a real professional hydromassage and a real indoor or outdoor Spa treatment in just 2.4 square meters. It is available both freestanding and built in. 160 x 150 x h.75

JACUZZI ITALIAN DESIGN FLOW HOT TUBE By a twisting of the circle, a square opens into the water. This is how Flow is born: the Jacuzzi®hot tub designed by world famous architect Daniel Libeskind. A clever play of classical geometries with a circular base that spins around enveloping a Jacuzzi® City Spa. Flow is designed for any environment, but in...

JACUZZI ITALIAN DESIGN SANTORINI PRO HOT TUBE Santorini Pro is born, the new Spa that gives life to the cutting edge aesthetics branded Jacuzzi®and gets its inspiration from new contemporary design trends.  It harmonizes with the surroundings and transforms gardens and terraces into cozy places having a great personality and ideal for wellness. 230 x 215...

JACUZZI ITALIAN DESIGN UNIQUE HOT TUBE The UNIQUE is perfectly in line the latest trends.  You may prefer the outdoors, on your terrace, in your private garden, to make your time spent outdoors, even more, regenerating thanks to the refined aesthetics, avant-garde technology and total comfort.  190 x 150 x h.80

JACUZZI ITALIAN DESIGN ALIMIA HOT TUBE The round hot tub that wins you over, with ergonomic seats designed to offer the comfort of a top-class hydromassage. Many are the functions available, to name but a few: the jets for an exceptional lower back massage, the underwater light, aromatherapy and the ozone sanitizing system. Available in the freestanding...

JACUZZI J-585 HOT TUBE The J-500 collection combines innovative technology, ground-breaking design and the legendary Jacuzzi® hydromassage.Defined by a cutting edge curved design the J-500 collection is made using a weatherproof Curvalux exterior which mimics the weave texture of designer outdoor furniture combined with outer architectural lighting. 231 x...

JACUZZI J-LXL HOT TUBE With J-LXL, thanks to 36 adjustable Power Pro® jets, it’s possible to enjoy the wellness of a complete Jacuzzi® hydromassage with six seats. It boasts a filtering system with Pro Clear technology and, just like all the other Jacuzzi® spas, it’s also provided with the Clear Ray® device for perpetually clean and sanitized water.  213...