Seletti Meltdown Tray
Seletti Meltdown Tray

Seletti Meltdown Tray

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Seletti Meltdown Tray

The meltdown collection is inspired by the two british institutions: raves and cups of tea.

The rave scene, emerging from the UK in the early 1990’s is known for its illegal parties, wild free festivals and dance  music.

Tea and the culture of tea time is another bastion of  britishness. We drink tea to celebrate, to mourn the dead and we drink tea for shock and through our various neuroses and emotional meltdowns. There’s no end to the resources of tea for a  british person


Design: Jordanluca

Material: Fine Porcelain

Size: cm 43.50 x 30.50 ≈ | IN 17.13 x 12.01


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